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The Adventure Camping Programme has been exclusively designed for the students to make them more competitive. We feel that this is the appropriate age to give the students an adventurous experience so that they become psychologically and physically stronger & more confident.

Mahi International School is going to organize a 2 days Adventure Camp from 04-02-2017 to 06-02-2017 in the school campus.

Interested  candidates will have to register latest by 2  February, 2017. This is purely on first come first serve basis, after the limited number  of seats  filled, entry may shift for next day (if seats will be vacant).

Children of age group 8 to 14 years or of classes III to IX only can participate.

Programme Includes:-

  • Adventure activities
  • Food
  • Night stay in tent (Sharing basis)
  • DJ & Camp fire
  • Jungle walk
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Various competitions like maggi making etc.

The main features of the camp are:-


  • Selection of site and Tent pitching-


  • Care to be taken while selecting the Camp site, like: Water, Soil etc.
  • Pitching and Packing the tents.


  • Introduction of Equipment- Adventure Equipments required for mountaineering purpose and methods of using them.


  • Rappelling – Descending from any height with the help of technical equipments and ropes.


  • River crossing techniques- Crossing a certain distance or a mountain river with the help of technical equipment.


  • Knot tying exercises- Know-how of tying different knots with rope required in mountaineering.


  • Tele games- These are team building games which inculcates the attitude of Team spirit in the mind of students:


  • Ball Collection
  • Water Collection,
  • Tug of War,
  • Australian Trolley etc.


  • Obstacles & Rope Courses for Confidence building – These activities improves the confidence of the child making them more fearless & rough n Tough
  • Burma Bridge
  • Commando Bridge
  • Double Trouble
  • Rock Wall
  • Rope Climbing
  • Balance Walk
  • Tarzen swing
  • Spider Web
  • Wriggling
  • Net Climbing
  • Water Zorbing Ball
  • Music & Dance
  • Tyre Crossing etc.


  • Treasure Hunt: Search for a specific Target with the help of different clues.


  • Map and Compass Reading – How to reach a Destination with the help of map and compass.


  • Introduction to Disaster Management Techniques- The utmost requirement of the Society at the time of Disasters. Method of helping people in this situation.


  • Cultural interaction and group discussion- Discussion on day long activities and presentation of Cultural events.


  • Morning Yoga and Exercises – The most important daily routine for a Healthy Life and a Modern Fashion Statement.


Food: -Standard vegetarian and hygienic food will be served during the camp.

Medical and safety:-Facilities for the basic medical aid will be available at camp site, however those on special medication or with known drug allergies are advised to bring their necessary medicines. More emphasis is given on imported adventure equipments. Trained Instructors to ensure safety of the students.

Items to be brought by the participants:- One set of clothing, One set of Track Suit,  a pair of Sports shoe, Two pair of socks, water bottle, toilet articles, pen and diary etc.

Duration:  Two days. DAY 01:- Reporting time 8:30 am and DAY 02:- Departure at 1:00 pm.

CAMP COST Rs.1500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred Only) per student includes accommodation in Alpine Tents, Adventure Activities, Imported Adventure Equipments, Meals, Fruits, Snacks, Certificates, Trained Instructors etc.

For More Information Contact: 705580977 or 7533922333

Note:-  Activities can be increased or decreased as per the availability.

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