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Cultural and co-curricular activities are an integral part of day to day life of a student at Mahi International School. They are much more than mere recreational activities; they provide important directions to a student on his journey to self-discovery. These activities hone the softer skills, the aesthetic senses, design consciousness, sensitivity of feelings, dignity of labour, team work, and link the physical skills to the mind and to the emotion. Moreover the co-curricular activities of today could form the bedrock of career options of tomorrow.


Sports play a pivotal role in the makeup of a young child, especially in the middle school to high school years. Where else can a young, impressionable youth learn values like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, and accountability?

At Mahi, we aim for perfection in everything…including sports. Students are encouraged to take part in sports activities for enjoyment, relaxation and exercise, and also as a positive aid to their educational development and the formation of their sense of self-worth. It is here that they learn to become performers, achievers, decision makers and leaders. Mass participation of students in physical education programme/activities is considered mandatory in order to propel physical fitness. Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part in sporting activities, to learn about teamwork, fitness and the value of sports in life. Mahi boasts of having Outdoor Playing Fields for Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volley-ball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Basket Ball, Athletic Tracks, Skating Ring and Indoor Complex for Table Tennis, Chess etc. along with Yoga Centre and Swimming Pool facility- all under the supervision of skilled instructors and coaches.







Table Tennis


Visual And Performing Arts

The Performing Arts imbibe self confidence in children apart from manifesting their inherent talents and nurturing them.  Dramatics, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Dance, Poetry and Sculpture are all offered at Mahi and the school calendar is packed each year with performances, concerts, exhibits, and special trips.

Life Skills

Life skills equip students to thrive in the classroom and in the world beyond. At Mahi we emphasize on the art of living and engage our students in certain activities to enhance their life skills for managing and living a better quality of life. It helps our students to accomplish their ambitions and live to their full potential.Exhibitions, Debating, Group Discussion, Public Speaking, Talk shows, Storytelling, Experiments, Projects, Quizzes and Completions are all interwoven into the fabric of our educational experience that compliment the academic domain of the students.

Social Activism

The school has a thought-through purpose for running social activities, so that cooperation and mutual respect prevails over selfish conduct. Mahi International School embraced this approach for the all-round growth of the students. Community service enhanced students’ problem-solving skills, improved their ability to work within a team and enabled them to plan more effectively. From Plantation to Shramdaan to Donate to Orphans the community service program at Mahi offers a full range of service and leadership opportunities.


To develop a sense of creativity and love for nature the children are taught, oil painting, water painting, frescos, collage and murals from class one onwards. Spot Painting competitions are also conducted and children are awarded.

Excursion Tours

Through Excursion Tours we provide our students the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit.

Not long ago, Mahi students explored the scenic and historic beauty of Nepal.

Educational Visits

Mahi International School plans Educational trips to provide valuable educational opportunities to the students away from the classroom.  The latest being the visit to General Post Office and visit to RO Plant.


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