Smart Classes

We all know how helpful it is to remember something that is taught visually to us rather than the one that is read through pages after pages. The concept of smart class education is indeed a blessing to the students of the 21st Century.
At Mahi all classes are Smart classes which use all interactive modules like videos, graphics, sound, animations and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching becomes appealing and create lively learning platforms for students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom.

Science Laboratory

For students to acquire the manual and mental skills associated with learning and for practical exposure, it is essential that they should be engaged in laboratory activities.
At Mahi, we have well equipped Science, Computer, Math, social Science and Language Labs to facilitate learning of students.

Computer Lab

Technology is an important element in grade school curriculum since it helps create a learning environment in which students are more confident and productive as they engage in projects that empower them to take ownership of their education. It improves research skills, enhance creativity and improve performance of the student.
At Mahi, we provide computer education to our students from Grade I onwards. For this Mahi has a well versed computer lab with high speed internet facility and hardware and software driven by latest technology.

Maths Laboratory

Teaching of mathematics should deal with the process and not just confine to transferring the knowledge from the mind of the teachers to notebooks of students and for such a phenomenal change in teaching of mathematics, at Mahi we have introduced Math Lab. It is because, Mathematics Laboratory can act like a concomitant between teacher and students and provides an opportunity to understand and discover the beauty, importance and relevance of mathematics as a discipline. Students are not only taught about mathematical facts, but they are taught what the mathematics process is and how to employ it.


Competitive Exams such as Olympiads are apparent for developing productive high performing students and it do show noticeable predictive power of student performance, achievement, and accomplishments.
At Mahi, the value and implication of making students involved in Science, Math, English and Cyber Olympiads is to improve students’ skills through competition and to make learning exciting through motivational activities for attaining academic excellence.

Kindle Based Learning

Quite a significant step in realizing our belief in anytime-anywhere learning, the advanced Digital Library and e-Library section is the response to need of the time expanding the horizons of all learning beyond limits from anywhere they may be within the campus, kindle based learning is also introduced.




Library is a rare treasure of knowledge of various aspects of human life.
Mahi has well stocked library house with a vast collection of books on variety of subjects, digital sources, periodicals and newspaper.

Abacus Classes

Mahi International School introduced Abacus Classes as part of the curriculum to ensure an increase in

speed of the arithmetic calculations with accurate results. These classes develop an ability to utilize the left and right brain functions simultaneously. It helps the students to enhance visualization, increases concentration & listening skills and develops logical understanding.


Mahi Intenational School also provides play wing facility from Nursery to Grade II with ample opportunities for children to learn and explore through variety of facilities and activities of international cadre. Activities contribute significantly to children’s overall development, especially in the areas of initiative, social relations, intellectual abilities, music, outdoor play and movement. Activities are designed in order to make learning a joyous experience for little ones.
Play Wing Activities include: Alphabets & Numbers, Art & Craft, Visual Education, Computer, Enhancement of Reading skills, Speaking Habits/Skills, Sensory activities, Healthy Eating and nutrition, Basic Etiquettes and more.

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