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A Co-Educational Day cum Boarding School


Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi (Aff No.: 2132192)
(Boarding Facilities for Boys & Girls)

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Nursery – XII

Science | Commerce | Humanities

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Cultural and Co-curricular activities are an integral part of day to day life of a student at Mahi International School. They are much more than mere recreational activities; they provide important directions to a student on his journey to self-discovery. These activities hone the softer skills, the aesthetic senses, design consciousness, sensitivity of feelings, dignity of labour, team work, and link the physical skills to the mind and to the emotion.

Exhibitions, Debating, Group Discussion, Public Speaking, Talk shows, Storytelling, Experiments, Projects, Quizzes and Completions are all interwoven into the fabric of our educational experience that compliment the academic domain of the students.

Glimpses of Mahi

How Mahi Looks Beyond Academics

We at Mahi, Apart from Academics we also focus on co-curricular Activities to make your child smart.

  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Inter-House Competitions
  • Art & Craft Room


  • Visual & Performing Arts.
  • State-in-Art Auditorium for Cultural Activities.
  • Music & Dance Theatre.
  • Art & Craft Room.
  • Dramatics, Exhibitions.
  • Special & Informative Assemblies on Important Days.
  • Celebrations on Special Occasions.
  • Inter-House Competitions.
  • Excursion Tours & Picnics Educational Visits.

Community Service & Life Skills:

Life skills equip students to thrive in the classroom and in the world beyond. At Mahi we emphasize on the art of living and engage our students in certain activities to enhance their life skills for managing and living a better quality of life.

The school has a thought-through purpose for running social activities, so that cooperation and mutual respect prevails over selfish conduct. From Plantation to Shramdaan to Donate to Orphans the community service program at Mahi offers a full range of service and leadership opportunities. Students enjoy a sense of personal satisfaction, knowing that they’re making a difference in other peoples’ lives.

Self Awareness I Problem Solving I Decision Making I Critical Thinking I Interpersonal Relationships Effective Communication I Empathy I Managing Emotions I Dealing with stress


Performing visual arts

Our visual arts program fosters creativity and self-expression through a variety of mediums and techniques.


Learn-with-fun activities

From painting and drawing to sculpture and performance, students have the opportunity to explore their artistic passions and develop their skills.


Interactive Classroom sessions

With a focus on collaboration and discussion, our classrooms foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


The stage is our canvas

By providing a supportive and encouraging environment for students to perform, we help to build confidence and foster a lifelong love of the arts.


Engaging curricular activities

From science experiments to field trips, our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity and encourage hands-on exploration


Bringing are talents to the stage

With a focus on music, theater, and dance, our stage performances showcase a diverse range of student abilities and interests.


Showcasing student excellence

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students bring their unique perspectives and ideas to life, inspiring others and enriching our community.


Regular competition for regular motivation

By participating in these various activities, students develop valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication, preparing them for success in all areas of life.


The Dancing Bells

Under the guidance of talented choreographers, our students are encouraged to showcase their skills and develop their confidence both on and off the stage.


Art and Craft

From hands-on projects to engaging group activities, our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity and encourage critical thinking


Learnings with practical knowledge

With a hands-on and experiential approach to learning, our students are able to apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios.


Celebrations are a must!

At our school, we believe that celebrating cultural festivals and our achievements is an important part of the learning journey.


Activities that connects with nature

Whether it's through outdoor adventures, science experiments, or cultural excursions, our students are constantly discovering new passions and developing new skills in a fun and dynamic environment.


Encourage to participate

Whether it's through sports, clubs, or community service, we encourage our students to get involved and discover their passions


Be a Sportsperson

Celebrating teamwork and sportsmanship at the annual Spoon Race event! Our students put their coordination and collaboration skills to the test and had a blast in the process


Aspiring new athletes

Our students showcased their athletic prowess at the volleyball match. The excitement and energy in the air were palpable as they pushed themselves to new limits


The star advantage

We are proud of all our student-athletes who competed at the swim race. Their hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship truly embody the values of our school


Train your Brain

Our students stepped up to the challenge at the chess competition, displaying their agility, coordination, and competitiveness in an exciting indoor setting


Spirit of sports person

Our students hit the field with enthusiasm and drive at the sports event. The spirit of sportsmanship was alive and well as they competed with grace and determination


Pushing the limits!

At mahi, we believe in fostering a love for athletics and physical activity. Our students learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and pushing their limits through a wide range of sports and games.


Students' Determination

we celebrate the achievements of our student-athletes and the values they embody on and off the field. From teamwork to determination, our sports programs help shape the character and well-being of our students.


The overall-development

Our commitment to sports education sets us apart at Mahi. From beginner to varsity-level athletes, our students have opportunities to pursue their passions and develop their skills on the field, court, or track.


Swim the way around

Our students showed off their skills and had a blast at the Swim race. The energy and excitement in the room were contagious and truly a sight to behold.


Passion for Competition

The Carom match was a testament to the talent and spirit of our students. Their passion for competition and sportsmanship was on full display, making us proud to be part of this community


Reaching their potential

At Mahi, we believe in the power of sports to build character, teamwork, and leadership skills. Our students are encouraged to find their passion and reach their potential on the field, in the pool, or on the court.


Play and Explore

At Mahi, we believe in the importance of play and exploration for our young students. Through our fun and educational activities, our kids develop new skills, grow their curiosity, and have a blast.


Go to highest levels

We are proud to offer a dynamic sports program at Mahi, where our students have opportunities to explore new sports, develop their skills, and compete at the highest levels. Athletics and physical activity are an integral part of our curriculum and culture.


Food with Fun

if we shake out all of the crumbs from all of the keyboards in the world, we can end world hunger.


Mahi School has a history of academic excellence and ranks among the top Schools.

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